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Headline ImageInfants/Shake-n-Rattlers

Lil Tykes HandEvery child is given the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace with tons of praise along the way. We put in every effort to stimulate, entertain and care for each infant, so that they grow and develop into healthy and happy children. All of our staff members love to hold, cuddle, and play with the infants every second they can.

Lil Tykes HandOur teachers encourage the babies to grasp and reach for toys, and to kick and stretch their limbs and muscles. They interact with the babies by talking, singing, laughing, and by holding, moving, and stretching them during play times, also by walking, dancing with them, and rocking them.

Lil Tykes Infant Room

Lil Tykes Infant Room

Lil Tykes HandThe older infants on the other hand are encouraged to sit, creep, crawl, stand, and walk. Our teachers acknowledge their sounds and babbles and pay special attention towards their beginning words. When the parent feels it is the right time, we train them at the table with finger foods and table foods and teach them to use cups and spoons. During this time the teachers try to teach them sign language.

Lil Tykes HandWe also have daily music times where the teachers help the infants move and clap their hands to songs. They are also taught nursery rhymes for rhythm and repetition. To help the infants perform large muscles activities, we have infant yoga, cars and trucks to push around, balls to throw and chase, large plush blocks to build, rocking toys, and climbing blocks. For small muscle activities we have rattles, shapes, puzzles, and books.

Lil Tykes HandWe have an art time for the infants as well using unique items like whipped cream, pudding, jell-o, and baby cereal depending on their age.

Lil Tyke’s Childcare located in Coon Rapids

Lil Tyke’s Childcare located in Coon Rapids Minnesota, are dedicated to fulfilling all child care needs and enhancing your little one’s social, emotional, physical skills and needs.


  • Infant (6 Weeks to 15 Months)
  • Toddlers (16 Months to 32 Months)
  • Preschool (33 Months -Kinder)
  • School Age (5-12 Yrs Old)

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